Upgrade your employee referral program and get the best candidates

Save time and reduce costs with the most efficient employees referral process ever built

No emails, no phone calls, no time wasted

The average employee sends 97 emails per day and receives 43. He/she spends up to two hours per day on emails.

Emails are stealing most valuable time. They destroy productivity and constantly interrupt work flows. 

That’s why we have created a unique process that connects your employees and friends of the company to your open positions like nothing before.

A more human process

Your employees understand your company’s culture. 

With the help of the Staffed platforms (Desktop and iOS/Android), the heart of the company, Human Ressources, are connected to the employees like never before.

Your employees can pre-validate all candidates that apply through their links. Allowing HR to save time and contrary to automated ATS, be sure not to miss the hidden gems

Strengthen your company culture

Your platform and mobile applications (iOS/Android), login page and registration page and application form are completely customizable to your corporate identity.

Embedded messaging

Communication is key. We offer a seamless messaging experience with employees, desktop and mobile version, so you can easily ask for more information on their candidates.

Smart reward

Our reward options allow you to instantly reward and notify employees at every step of the hiring process.

From first contact to successful hiring, notify and reward them in one click. We offer the possibility to put a price range on first contact; the employees can select their reward from this price range.

This active and multilayered process dramatically increases employee engagement.

upgrade your employee referral

Reduce time to hire

Referred candidates will be hired 55% faster

Best ROI

82% of employers rated employees’ referrals above all sources for generating the best return on investment

Increase employees’ engagement

With a unique process and a multilayer active reward system

Improve the quality of hiring

88% of employers say that referrals are the best source for better candidates

Mobile application

Increase your candidates database with our mobile enabled application process

Decrease administrative work

With an easy to use dashboard and mobile experience

How it works

1. Successful start from day one

We set up your account and customize your account and mobile apps (iOS and Android) to your brand.

You will be guided by our experts through the entire implementation program.

2 . Invite your employees to download your mobile application

Send the invitations to download your private and customized mobile applications (iOS and Android) to your employees through your organization tab in your dashboard.

3 . Your employees are notified of your job ads

You can now create and post your job ads and select the reward scheme.

We will notify the employees/department that you select, or our smart process will only notify the employee who’s social circle or preferences match the requirements of the open position

4. Now they can share the job ads in one tap

Your employees can now easily share your company’s jobs on their social network and trough private messaging

Every link is personalized with a unique ID so you’ll know from whom the referrals comes from.

5 . Candidates apply through a customizable link

Candidates apply trough the link that redirect them to your job ad.

On this page they can learn more about the company and apply by uploading their CV/Linkedin profile and a fully customizable application form.

Once the candidates apply, your employee can pre-validate the candidate.

6. Receive referrals, communicate, rate and reward

You can now review the candidates CV. 

You will also be able to:

– Identify the source of each referral
– Message the employees who made the referral
– Reward and notify on every step in one click

All your candidates’ information and statuses are presented in one place so they’re manageable and conveniently accessible.

With experts recruiters, no more time lost

For certain positions you need your experts.

Invite them to download your private mobile applications. Then in a few seconds, notify your headhunters and recruitment agencies, using the separate group features.

You can even indicate the budget allocated per open position

GDPR compliant

Staffed takes confidentiality and data protection very seriously. 

As a cloud-based company, handling some of our customers’ most valuable data, we have the highest standards of security and encryption.

Connecting employees to the heart of the company: HR. Our goal is to make your referral process simpler, more pleasant and more productive for everyone.

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